The meaning of basketball jersey number

Actually in FIBA and NBA, there are specific rules for jersey number. The rule stipulates that number  4 to 15 is arranged according to height under the traditional circunstance. That is to say, the higher the bigger , so number 14, 15 are commonly center, 4, 5 6 are defender. However, there are few teams that still following the principle .

Chicago Bulls

The NBA jersey number is generally smaller than 55.
FIBA requires there is no number one, two, three,because in the basketball court, the referee strethes out one, two or three fingers to represent one-point shot, two-point shot, three-point shot.

Boston Celtics

Atlanta Hawks Authentic Custom Home Jersey 8521307

For players in the NBA, jersey number is not only a sign, which also represents the player’s personality and a symbol of the player especially when an ordinary player becomes a star.
Which team do you like? Which basketball star do you like? Do you want the  same jersey as your idol’s ? Come to iron on sticker and you will get your personalized jersey.

You can not guess which team will win,so why not prepare more ?


After watching the exciting and surprising World Cup Games,i bet many crazy fans have already bee crazy : How can that happen ? Why the results are like that ? And the collapse of great Spain have already surprised many fans.So maybe you gonna to have your new loved team besides Spain team ? That is normal if you are a crazy football fan ! Then why not prepare more unique t shirts with different countries’ flags iron ons ? Or the teams you prefer to happen to be two or three,why not collect their flags iron on stickers or related football confederation iron on stickers respectively ?

World Cup Games surprise you ,and as a soccer fan,you could prepare well for it. 


Some creative collocations of t shirts


T-shirts are most likely to match various dress. Long sleeve T-shirt are good for both in the spring and autumn, and they could match with casual pants, jeans, suit pants and so on.

Short sleeve T-shirts are the most lightweight jacket in summer, it can also go with the shorts.

For women,a t shirt can be able to with pants, skirts, scarves, shawls, hats, long as you could imagine,which often will become a unique scenery.

Sporting t-shirts and trousers: elastic mesh fabrics make ordinary T-shirt sexy, with popular hot pants, which is really hot and can show out your personality.

T shirts and cropped trousers : a t shirt paired with a pair of cropped trousers ,together with a pair of open-toe sandals, which is the best cool hot summer dress.

T-shirts and vented skirt: This is really a good match ,and you can gain both leisure and fair maiden style.

Fold wear of T-shirts: Usually it adopts contrast colors, you wear a smaller t shirts inside, and cover with a larger and loose t shirt.For this kind of t shirts wear,you could find a lot in the American TV dramas The Big Bang Theory.

Of c course,there must be much more t shirts wear styles,and just to think differently and to wear out your personality.  


What good can you get from playing tennis ?


What are the benefits of playing tennis? Playing tennis is a aerobic and anaerobic alternating movement, so people can take exercise well.So what are the good you can get from playing tennis ?


1 To lose weight :

After playing tennis,you may feel tired,and then feel sleepy; Or if you want to reduce weight to keep fit, tennis sport is enough to consume you redundant adipose, and lead to the perfect body shape.Experiments show that two months after start playing tennis, weight are greatly reduced, and then slowly decrease,so tennis is the most easy way to lose weight.

2 Entertainment:

The more intuitive benefit you can see is that tennis is suitable for both men and women; Tennis is netting movement, there is no physical contact, so it is not easy to hurt; Tennis is an elegant sport, wearing a beautiful shirt to do sports outdoor itself is a enjoy.

3 Easy to make friends:

Participating in various tennis club has become the best way to make friends for modern people. If you want to date a girl,you could invite her to play tennis;and you can really make friends easily by playing tennis. 


Think differently,DIY makes the most use of your old belongings


Many people are used to throwing away their old clothes since those garments are too small or worn.And for such kind of occasion,we may not think that it is quite wasteful,instead,we regard it as a common phenomenon in daily life.Actually, to protect the environment better and to we make the most use of your old belongings,you can DIY them into other personalized clothes like lovely t shirts,or toddler clothes.Just to think differently  and to have a try,you gonna to be surprising upon your creative designs !


Where to get the most favorable wholesale heat transfer paper ?


You may want to have some inexpensive and good heat transfer papers,right ? But you can not find where to get the most suitable ones ? What if you want a great amount of these transfer papers ? So maybe you can choose good online store that provide a lot of heat transfer papers with reasonable price.I bet you can not find a better store with more competitive price.And what should be mention is that they will ship the products to you in a soonest way so that you do not need to worry can’t get your products timely.



How to choose and buy toddler clothes ?


Toddler clothes should be comfortable to wear, no potential hazards, easy to wear and take off, washable natural fiber fabrics.So, how to choose and buy baby clothes ? Here we would like to share you with some experience.

1,when choose and buy toddler clothes, you should carefully check it to make sure there is no hard seam or rough stitching.The reason is that these are likely to hurt the baby’s skin, especially new-born baby clothes should avoid overmuch adornments such as collar lace, buttons, zippers, etc.

2,when choosing baby clothes, you should also pay attention to choose fabrics those are machine washable and no color fading.In the process of washing, do not use any detergent or fiber fabric softener with biological properties, these things will remain in clothing to stimulate baby’s skiN.

3,the texture of toddler clothes should be soft and comfortable.You should choose the natural fiber fabrics, cotton or wool, for natural fiber fabrics can make the baby to better regulate body temperature.

4,choose clothes for newborn babies,you had better choose clothes those he can wear even when 2 months old. Even if the new clothes is slightly larger for your baby, that will not affect his growth.But the clothes for toddlers should not be too tight.

5,for newborn baby, wide round collar clothes are best.Because the baby doesn’t like his face covered by his clothes, and the opening of the clothes is also convenient for children to wear off and for you to change diapers.


baby image

How to choose elbow pads ?


Elbow pads, professional sports goods, is a kind of protective devices to protect elbow joint, actually, elbow pads have already become one of the sports equipment for players. Elbow is one of the hardest parts of the body, and a lot of players will wear elbow pads to prevent muscle from damage.

There are three types of elbow pads:Sports elbow pads,Simple type elbow pads,Maintenance and rehabilitation type elbow pads.And today,we will mainly discuss Sports elbow pads.

1, super elasticity, permeability, hydroscopicity;

2, wrist joint injury prevention, strengthen the wrist strength, beautiful, comfortable, fully show the sports charm, easy to wash.

Products Features :

1, support and stability effect: medex elbow pads can enhance the joints and ligaments  to against the impact of external forces. Effectively protect the joints and ligaments.

2, lightweight and breathable elastic material, wear comfortable, has good support  function and bradyseism,machine washable, easy to wear, suitable for running, ball games and outdoor sports.

In fact,many great NBA players such as Jordon have ever use elbow pads,and elbow pads have helped them to some extent.