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Two cities sign former MVP third baseman Donaldson on a four-year contract

January 18th, 2020

Donaldson’s highlight is undoubtedly 2015, when he came to Bluebird from a sportsman with a surprise deal, he made a great show in 2015. 41 home runs, 123 points and 122 points made him an MVP without any suspense. And that season, he also used his 0.297 strike rate and 41 second base hits to help the blue bird to enter the playoffs again after 1992-1993.

In 2016-2017, Donaldson also played well in Bluebird, hitting more than 30 home runs, but his hip injury in 2016 and his right calf sprain in 2017 affected his performance. In 2018, due to shoulder and calf problems, Donaldson only played 52 games, with a strike rate of 0.246, contributing 8 home runs and 23 points. But after being traded to the Indians and played 16 games, his performance gave the warriors confidence in their health.

Before signing Donaldson, the two cities also signed two veteran pitchers, Homer berry and Ritchie hill. But there is no doubt that Donaldson’s joining will make this “strike team” even more powerful. You know, last season, the two cities had a record 307 home runs! And their 939 points are second only to New York Yankee. And Donaldson’s arrival has given the twins the sixth player to finish at least 30 shots last season, and he is also the second player to have completed 40 shots in a single season. The last one is designated heavy artillery player Nelson Cruz.

Texan Manager: believe that his trading decisions are effective

January 17th, 2020

Bill O’Brien, the Texan general manager in Houston, made a series of trade decisions before and in the middle of the season, aiming to win the super bowl. They didn’t get there, but O’Brien thinks his trading decisions have worked.

Before the start of the season, the Texan traded two first round picks for laremy tunsil, the left interceptor, and Kenny stills. The former was selected into the professional bowl and consolidated the team’s left offensive front, while the latter made 40 catches and reached the formation 561 yards and 4 times.

The Texan traded a third round draft for running guard Duke Johnson, who has pushed 820 yards in total this season to make five appearances. In addition, O’Brien traded a conditional fourth round draft for running guard Carlos Hyde. He became the team’s number one running guard, breaking through thousands of yards.

O’Brien’s trade took jadeven clowney, the cross setter, to a third round draft, with line guards Jacob Martin (3.5 arrests) and barkevious Mingo. Mingo blocked an opponent’s kick in the playoffs. Then the Texans traded the draft for gareon Conley. He started six games for the Texan.

Two cities sign former MVP third baseman Donaldson on a four-year contract

January 16th, 2020

January 15 as the last “big fish” in the free market, where third baseman Josh Donaldson belongs has always been the heart of many fans. Now, the show is finally over. It is reported that Donaldson has agreed to sign a four-year contract in Minnesota. And his joining is bound to add luster to the team with outstanding attacking ability.

According to reports, the two cities will pay Donaldson 84 million salaries, including 16 million team options including 8 million buyout fees. It also means that Donaldson will receive 92 million guaranteed salaries in four years, and his salary will exceed $100 million if the team option is implemented.

The 34 year old star third baseman has been selected for three All Star Games and was elected to the US League MVP in 2015. In the past two years suffering from injuries, Donaldson rebounded strongly last season, contributing 0.259 hit rate in 155 games, with 37 home runs and 94 points. Under his support, the Atlanta warriors formed a strike combination with Freddie Freeman and Ronald acunia, who contributed 116 home runs to help the warriors win the first place in the East for the second year in a row.

Antonio Gates retired

January 16th, 2020

Antonio gates, one of the greatest lightning players in history, has officially announced his retirement decision, which has revolutionized the position of the near front.

Gates said in a statement: “in the NFL 16 seasons, 16 years for lightning, 8 times into the professional bowl, breaking a number of records It’s really hard to officially announce this decision, but I’m leaving football. “

“I never thought that I could play football for such a long time, and I was lucky to play for only one team in my whole career. Thanks to lightning club, Dean spanos and his family, and the professional football league for giving me the chance to realize my dream and play my favorite sport. Thank you San Diego, Los Angeles, fans all over the country and around the world for your unwavering support. Without you, NFL wouldn’t exist. “

“Although I retired today, I will continue to serve the lightning Club – but more in community related public activities Thank you for your love and support. Thank you, my children. I hope you can be proud of me, not only as a football star, but also as a father. Looking forward to the next chapter of my life, looking forward to continuing to live with the team and the fans. Thank you all for accompanying me through this unforgettable journey. “

Gates is a college basketball player with no Rugby experience. He was signed as a draft candidate in 2003 when he was caught in the eye of lightning. After that, he became one of the most prolific catchers in the league. He has played 116 times in the formation, with the most near front in history, ranking 7th in total history. Philip rivers’ most trusted partner is him. He is unstoppable in the red zone. He often eats the defensive players raw with physical advantage and jumps to catch the ball in the air.

Shandong is still on the road!

January 16th, 2020

Due to the unscientific design of CBA schedule, just after the game in Guangzhou, Shandong men’s basketball team kept flying to Tianjin in the north. On January 16, Shandong men’s basketball team ushered in the second consecutive away game, the opponent was Tianjin team. They will fly to Guangdong as soon as the match is over, and challenge the leading bank of Dongguan, Guangdong. The physical fitness of the match with Tianjin may have an impact on them.

This is the second time Shandong and Tianjin have played each other this season. On November 12, Shandong defeated Tianjin 96-82 at home. At that time, Shandong team was in the most difficult period. Hudson scored 21 points in 15-for-15 shooting and 2 points in that three-point game, and mace only grabbed 1 rebound in 13 points. Fortunately, Jia Cheng, a domestic player, scored 16 points and 14 rebounds, and Tao Hanlin scored 12 points and 15 rebounds. Shandong’s domestic interior line occupied an absolute advantage, and Chen Peidong, a young general, scored 17 points, showing an eye-catching performance.

The beauty of the ten strong points in the 2019 playoffs

January 15th, 2020

The dust is settled in the regular season of 2019, and ten playoff teams have been released. The American League has astronauts, Yankees, Shuangcheng, sportsmen and Guangguang. The judges of Tencent MLB strength list present the analysis of the top ten playoffs for the fans here for reference. Here is the United States:

No.1 seed: Houston cosmonaut, champion of the United States western region

Regular season record: 107-55

Regular season: 920-640

Team attack index: 0.848 (League 1)

Team self blame score: 3.66 (the third in the League)

Strength analysis: according to Bill James’ formula, no matter what happens in the playoffs, the astronauts of 17-19 years are a dynastic team. But the astronauts with the best record in the regular season have only one goal this year – to win the championship again a year later, and the astronauts’ lineup is totally championship level. The American League’s Cy Young Award will be awarded between Justin velander and Gretel Cole, the top two starters, while the mid-season trade of granki will give the team another three pitches.

United States Division: Titan defeats crow on the gram below 28-12

January 15th, 2020

This week’s first U.S. division was played by Titan away to challenge the first Raven in the league.

After the start of the game, the Raven attack team was the first to make a mistake. The passing from the quarterback Lamar Jackson to the near forward mark Andrews was intercepted by the Titan security guard Kevin Byard and attacked 31 yards back. Titan grabbed the ball. Titan made use of this error to reach the array successfully. Quarterback Ryan Tannehill connected jonnu Smith, the near end forward, with one hand receiving the array. Titan 7-0 crow won the first place in the away field.

The Raven attack team met four gears and one yard at 45 yards of our side. The Raven decided to play hard. Jackson failed to get the first attack, and Titan again made the ball right conversion. Titan took back the ball right, only used one attack to reach the formation again, quarterback taneshir middle long pass 45 yards outside the line to take over kalif Raymond (kalif Raymond) to complete the formation. Titan 14-0 raven, expand the lead.

Before the end of the first half, raven’s 14-0 fall was a rare dilemma for the home team this season. The attack team improved, completing three shifts twice in a row, but failed to move forward at 30 yards in Titan’s half-time. Finally, Justin Tucker could only be sent to hit a 49 yard free kick. Raven 3-14 Titan, raven finally broke the scoring gap.

Parse! Does tyron Lew really understand LeBron James?

January 15th, 2020

When it comes to the 2015-16 season, it must be remembered by the fans. LeBron James led the Cavaliers all the way, and finally won the Cavaliers’ first NBA championship in history by 93-89 victory over Golden State Warriors in the world war seven. At the same time, this trophy is also the first one of the four major leagues in Cleveland history.

However, in the following years, the Cleveland Cavaliers changed dramatically. In the 2016-17 season, they met again with Golden State Warriors in the finals. Finally, the warriors won the championship directly by 4-1. During the offseason, young leader Owen and the Cavaliers broke up completely, and then went to Boston Celtic with hatred for James.

In the 2017-18 season, despite the lack of Owen’s help, James still showed the improper courage to lead the Cavaliers to the Finals again. But this time, James lost even worse. In the finals of that year, the warriors swept the Cavaliers directly. Coupled with some negative internal Cavaliers, James is still determined, it’s time to leave. In the following 2018-19 season, the Cavaliers officially began to disintegrate, and the players were sent away in a large area, even Tyrone Lew could not escape.

Terence Davis: understanding NASS’ criticism, I will try to be better

January 9th, 2020

January 9, today, the Dragon away challenge Hornets game is currently in progress. Before the game, raptors guard Terence Davis was interviewed by the media.

In the game against the Blazers, Davis only played for 8 minutes, shooting 2-for-0, getting 2 rebounds, 1 assists and 1 block. After the game, raptors coach Nick NASS said Davis had a bad performance and he should have done better.

In this regard, Davis said that when he saw such a play, every coach he worked with would have such an expression. He understands Nash’s criticism, and he will become better. At the same time, he also appreciates Nash’s treatment of players in a way that is both harsh and loving.

Summary of mlb8: Yankee 3-0 sweeps two cities to advance to the championship

January 9th, 2020

On October 8, Beijing time, four games of the playoffs of the major league of American professional baseball were contested. Among them, Yankee became the first team to advance to the championship, and the two cities were eliminated. The two division matches of the League of nations came to life and death. Today’s game is as follows: astronauts 3-10 ray (2-1 total score), warriors 4-5 Cardinals (2-2 total score), dodge 1-6 nationals (2-2 total score), Yankees 5-1 double cities (3-0 total score).

Spaceman 3-10 light

Ray won the space man at home, avoiding being swept. Starting pitcher Charlie Morton continued to play well. In the 5.0 innings, he lost 1 point in three hits, sent out 9 strikeouts, and took the first winning shot in the playoffs. Although relay pitcher Roy lost 2 points in the 0.2 innings, the following pitchers did not lose points again.

Of course, the key to winning this game is the brilliant playing line. If you knock out 12 hits, you will get 10 points, among which kylmer fired three-point guns to lay a good situation at the beginning of the game. MIDOS scored 2 points, ADAMES scored 3 hits, 3 hits, 1 score and ran back to 2 points. Eight of the 10 hitters on the court hit.